A well laid closure/frontal installation gives your weave a more attractive and natural look. However, we’ve outlined a few tips on how to prevent it from going bald.


Scratching with your fingernails, tugging, or vigorous washing can damage your lace front and lead to balding.

Hair loss on closures happens easily because it’s not wefted like normal extensions. Each hair is individually knotted and secured into the base with adhesives. This gives your closure its natural look, but makes it very delicate.


Gently and properly brush your frontals or closure as this also contributes in making them durable.

To brush: run your comb gently through the ends of your hair and work your way up. Hold down your roots while brushing to prevent excessive tugging.


Often times we are tempted to go with whatever is affordable and we can easily get off the shelf, paying no mind to the content of these products. Most of which are damaging to our wefts. Avoid products with high alcohol content because these can lead to hair products. However, we have in store our heat resistant and Vitamin C hair spray for your curly and straight wefts as well as our Argan oil serum for your straight hair. 


Excessive heat will damage your new sew in. But this doesn’t mean you can’t have killer curls.  Soft, bendy rollers can give you the curl you want without the heat. Put them in overnight on your dry or damp (not soaking) hair.  There are plenty of styling options that don’t require heat. You can still look fire without burning up your hair!

#5 Ask Your Stylist.

When in doubt, ask your stylist.

Your lace front closure can be dyed or bleached, but you shouldn’t do it by yourself. A professional stylist has the experience to take care of your hair and get you the results you want. Lace closures are flexible options for all head shapes and look more realistic. But poor application can make them look wiggly. Your stylist’s professional experience with closures will go a long way in making them look natural.

An effective maintenance regime will help your lace front closure last. With these tips, you’ll be looking your best every day.

#6Wrap it up

Your lace front might look fire when you go to bed, but if you don’t wrap up you’ll be waking up to a matted mess.  You’ll have to add proper closure care to your nightly routine to keep fresh.

Never go to bed with a wet weave. Make sure that the hair is dry to avoid tangles and that musty wig smell.

Instead, gently brush through your dry wig and closure. Then, tie on a silk or satin scarf (available on the site as well  simply click on accessories). A satin cap or pillow will also do the trick.

Now you can toss and turn without worrying about breakage or tangles.

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